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Mishloach manot

Purim commemorates the miracle where the people of Israel were saved from the evil Haman who wanted to destroy all Jews at the times of the Persian empire.

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תוכן עניינים

Purim basket

One of the most important mitzvahs in Purim is Mishlo’ach Manot, as is said in the Megillah – “sending gifts to one another”.

One must give his friend a basket containing two portions of food or one portion of food and drink each, and it is best to send one to as many friends as possible.

Who is Mishlo’ach Manot sent to?

The basket is given to friends or family.

A husband can give a Purim basket to his wife, unlike the mitzvah of Matanot La’Evyonim where the recipient should be someone poor.

It is worth mentioning the words of the Rambam on Purim Halakha:

“It is better for one to give many donations to the needy rather than have a large feast or send many Purim baskets, since there is no greater joy than to cheer up the hearts of the poor and orphaned”

The purpose of sending Mishlo’ach Manot

Mishlo’ach Manot expresses the love of Israel and unity among friends, as well as the importance of making sure that every man and woman have what they need for Purim.

When is the mitzvah of sending Mishlo’ach Manot observed?

The Halakha states that it is better to observe Mishlo’ach Manot mitzvah during the day rather than at night.

That is, from sunrise until the stars come out.

We remind you that in most of the country’s and the world’s cities, Purim begins on Adar 14, while in Jerusalem it is celebrated on the next day – Shushan Purim.

Giving in person

Mishlo’ach Manot should always be given in person, the mitzvah is not observed by leaving it outside one’s door.

In addition, a minimum of 2 portions should be given together, rather than one after the other.

Giving to a gentile

The mitzvah is not fulfilled by giving a Mishlo’ach Manot to a non-Jew.

What is considered a food portion that fulfills the mitzvah?

The Halakha states that one should give a portion of food worthy of eating and according to some people, this means food that is ready to eat, as opposed to frozen food.

Gifts such as clothes, houseware or kitchenware do not fulfill the mitzvah of Mishlo’ach Manot.

A kosher food portion

The mitzvah is not fulfilled by giving non-kosher food.

Who needs to send a Mishlo’ach Manot?

The mitzvah applies to men and women, and it is a mitzvah to teach little children to send Mishlo’ach Manot as well.

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