Happy Purim

Happy Purim – the traditional greeting used for the holiday. Welcome to Beit Chabad’s Purim website

Happy Purim

Purim commemorates the miracle where the people of Israel were saved from the evil Haman who wanted to destroy all Jews at the times of the Persian empire.

At Beit Chabad’s Purim website, you will learn the day’s mitzvahs and customs as well as everything you need to know about Purim.

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תוכן עניינים

Happy Purim

The traditional greeting among the people of Israel used when meeting someone during Purim or around that time. 

“Happy Purim”.

A Freilichen Purim

Among Chasidim, it is customary to say “a freilichen Purim” in Yiddish, meaning in Hebrew – “Happy Purim”.

Why are we merry on Purim?

Purim is celebrated each year as a day of happiness, commemoration of the miracle that took place at the time of the Persian empire when King Ahasuerus ruled the world.

It is told that the evil Haman, who was a senior minister in King Ahasuerus’ court, issued a decree to destroy all Jews, and miraculously, God made it so a few years earlier, Ahasuerus would grow angry and kill his wife, Vashti, the gentile queen, and appoint the Jewish Esther in her place.

Thus, when the day would come when Haman would make the decree, Esther would influence the king to revoke it.

You can read more about the story of Purim at the website. 

How is the joy of Purim celebrated?

As Jews tasked with preserving the ways of the torah, we celebrate through a “mitzvah of happiness” rather than by rowdy behavior.

Wise men chose 4 mitzvahs for Purim through which we celebrate.

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